"One day it occurred to me that it had been many years since the world had been afforded the spectacle of a man adventurous enough to undertake a journey through Germany on foot. After much thought, I decided that I was a person fitted to furnish to mankind this spectacle. So I determined to do it. This was in March, 1878." Mark Twain, A Tramp Abroad


Sam and Jam in HD

These are our cute newlywed friends Sam and Jamie. We met at the language school in Marburg a couple months ago. Now they are settled into their place in Mainz, but they came to Heidelberg for the weekend to see the sights and pay us a visit.

Unfortunately the weekend got off to a bad start when they accidentally got on the wrong train. There were also a few more mishaps, like the museum being closed that Jamie really wanted to see (even though their website gave no indication of this). You can read more about their Heidelberg uh-oh's and their other Germany experiences on their blog: : http://jamandsam.blogspot.com/.

Here is Jamie expressing her frustration at the Sammlung Prinzhorn Museum:

Being the experienced Heidelberg tourguides that we now are, the father and I showed them around the town, hitting all the great tourist sights along the way. We even got them to pose with the infamous bridge monkey--a Heidelberg icon since the 15th century.

The plaque next to the statue reads:"Why are you looking at me? Haven't you seen the monkey in Heidelberg? Look around and you will probably see more monkeys like me."

The mirror-holding monkey is thought to symbolize vanity. Here, Sam does his best 'vain' impression.

Saturdays in Heidelberg mean market day. Jamie and I tried out a 'Melodie' apple--definitely the best apple I've ever tasted!

We had been wanting to take the Neckarsonne boat ride down the river ever since we arrived in Heidelberg. It's a small glass-topped boat run entirely on solar power. Lucky for us, we managed to convince Sam and Jamie to go with us. The audio tour was nearly impossible to hear, but the views were great!

As on all German attractions, there was great food and drink on the boat. Here, Penelope plans her mode of attack on Jamie's wine. I tried the local Neuer Wein--white wine that hasn't completely finished the fermentation process. It's cloudy and a bit sour. Very strange.

Very serious photographer Sam taking a picture of the fountain in Karlzplatz.

Jamie and I walking along the Hauptstrasse.

Penelope snoozing in the stroller. Oh, the life of a baby!

Hiking up to the castle. It took all of us to push the stroller up the steep, cobblestone street.

The whole gang at the castle, overlooking the city.

And don't forget Penelope!

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