"One day it occurred to me that it had been many years since the world had been afforded the spectacle of a man adventurous enough to undertake a journey through Germany on foot. After much thought, I decided that I was a person fitted to furnish to mankind this spectacle. So I determined to do it. This was in March, 1878." Mark Twain, A Tramp Abroad


Milestone 7

Penelope has hit the 7 month mark, and along the way she has celebrated several milestones.

She has successfully birthed two new pearly-whites, which she loves to show off.

She has realized that crawling on her knees is much more effective than scooting on her stomach.

And despite our best efforts, she manages to find every potentially dangerous item in our tiny apartment. In other words, when she's awake I get nothing done!

She is fascinated with pulling up on every piece of furniture.

And then celebrating when she conquers the big ones.

She is beginning to learn how to cruise from one piece of furniture to the next. Unfortunately the learning process has caused several bumps and bruises.

She can walk along the bed.

Especially when a cellphone is involved.

Her personality is blossoming day by day, and she is becoming so much fun to interact with. But we are quickly realizing that we have one fiesty little girl on our hands. Watch out world!

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