"One day it occurred to me that it had been many years since the world had been afforded the spectacle of a man adventurous enough to undertake a journey through Germany on foot. After much thought, I decided that I was a person fitted to furnish to mankind this spectacle. So I determined to do it. This was in March, 1878." Mark Twain, A Tramp Abroad


Her Bum is Genius

Many a university student has looked quizzically upon the strange items hanging on the clothesline outside their dorm these past six weeks.

Yes, we are the crazy people who use cloth diapers. But not just your mom and pop’s cloth diapers. The Mercedes of all cloth diapers—Bum Genius 3.0. They’re gentle on your baby’s bum, super absorbent, chemical-free, cost-effective, and super cute. Plus, you can give yourself a ‘pat on the back’ every time you change a diaper since yours isn’t going to spend the next 500 years in a landfill--unlike the disposable diaper of the mommy next to you.

The only downside is the time you spend washing them.

But happy bottoms make happy babies.


  1. is p on any solids yet? i'm with you on the bum genius, but i'm a little worried that my bum genius love will fade once chora's eating more that breast milk...

    btw, she's such a cutie, still!

  2. yep. just rice cereal though. definite increase in stinkiness. highly recommend the bio liners. just wipe, lift and flush away the nasties.