"One day it occurred to me that it had been many years since the world had been afforded the spectacle of a man adventurous enough to undertake a journey through Germany on foot. After much thought, I decided that I was a person fitted to furnish to mankind this spectacle. So I determined to do it. This was in March, 1878." Mark Twain, A Tramp Abroad


Sweden:The Land of Pippi

A quick recap:

We went to Sweden to visit our friends Joel and Lydia
and their darling daughter Etty
who instantly became Penelope's BFF.
We stayed with them in their cute-as-a-button house in the country
where they have their own chickens (who are currently hiding out from the foxes in their henhouse)
and ate many a delicious home-cooked meal prepared by Lydia the locally-famous chef and photographer (get her book here)
and explored the beautiful Swedish countryside that was just emerging from winter.
We also got to bring in Spring with the locals with traditional songs and a bonfire
lit by the Royal Rangers (led by Lydia's father)
and celebrate May 1st/International Worker's Day along with the Swedish Socialist Party
and see some other local sights, like this Arayan Jesus at the cathedral in Linkoping
and an old castle with a real moat
on an even older lake

But, most importantly, we learned that Pippi Longstocking is from Sweden, and we were fed the fake, dubbed British version as children. (It took a lot of convincing, but finally the Father realized he had been led astray all those years.)

Long live the real Pippi!

Or, try it here.


  1. Thanks for the Pippi information and the lovely tour of Sweden. It seems like a wonderful place to visit.

  2. Oh man, you are all SO cute. You're like an adorable family-traveler ad. Thanks for the photos and descriptions. Any chance you'll post interiors of the house? Is it very traditional-looking inside or contemporary? (I love old houses)

  3. What a fabulous trip! My favorite shot is the one of the girls giggling and visiting in their strollers. Isn't it wonderful to have friends who live in such interesting places...and one's that cook well, too! Headed to check out her cook book.